PRONTO magazine recommends our Redumodel Toning Arms!

PRONTO magazine recommends our Redumodel Toning Arms!

The best selling magazine in Spain recommends us!

PRONTO magazine suggests our Redumodel Skin Tonic Toning Arms as a complementary product to a routine of exercises to “prepare your arms for this spring”.



From Avance Cosmetic we would like to give you some advice on how to firm and tone your arms.

In the first place you have to understand the benefits of daily application of Redumodel Skin Tonic Toning Arms.

Redumodel Skin Tonic Toning Arms:

It is a light emulsion that firms the arm area, restoring its nice natural shape.

Reduces flaccidity and combats the unaesthetic bat wings. Further on, it improves the blood circulation diminishing the swelling and tingling sensation.

Due to its excellent formulation composed of Ivy, Hops, Horse chestnuts, Asian Spark and Menthol, among others, it contains firming, ultra nourishing, anti-cellulite, decongestive and regenerative properties.

Apply a thin layer 1 or 2 times a day, an almond size is enough for each arm, spreading in upward movements. For example, from elbow to underarm.

Please be aware the daily application of Redumodel Skin Tonic Toning Arms on its own can’t perform miracles, and has to be complemented with a series of daily exercises to strengthen and tone up the muscles.

How do you tone up triceps?

Triceps are muscles that can be found in the back area of the arm, where “bat wings” occur.

Grab your dumbells or something that carries “some weight” like two full water bottles, spread your arms over your head and bend them to form a 90º angle. Repeat this movement at least a minimum of 15 times.

If you like, you can do this same exercise first with one arm and then with the other.

How do you tone up biceps?

The most common bicep exercise is when you grab your weights, and with your arms straight parallel to your body, you bend them to your chest. You can try exercising with your arms at the same time or one after the other.

Remember to do all of the exercises with your back straight, your legs open to hip width and slightly bent.

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