Gold ingredient in cosmetics: concentrated Vitamin C

Gold ingredient in cosmetics: concentrated Vitamin C

They call it the “golden ingredient” in cosmetics. Do you want to know why?

Because it is the best anti-ageing weapon!

If you think that an orange juice a day is enough Vitamin C for your skin, we are sorry to say you are very wrong.  Of course, you shouldn’t stop taking it, but if what you want is to reduce skin flaccidity, improve luminosity and softness and combat natural photo-ageing of the face, Avance Cosmetic has a solution to your problems.

Our Vitamin C concentrate of topical use from Hi Model Face is 30 times more effective than any other nutritive substance that is rich in this vitamin. Furthermore, bear in mind that not all cosmetics that claim to have a high content of this “golden” ingredient actually contain it. Choose correctly, your skin needs it and will be eternally grateful, showing brightness 🙂

Benefits of concentrated Vitamin C applied over your skin:

  • Large antioxidant capacity: prevents skin ageing.
  • Aids in Collagen formation: Keeps elasticity and softness of the skin and facilitates healing.
  • Combats free radicals’ formation. Does not lead to skin deterioration!
  • Increases skin resistance.
  • Synthesizes and allows other vitamins and cosmetics to be better synthesized and absorbed.

How do I know if I need Hi Model Face concentrated Vitamin C?

  • Lack of elasticity.
  • Aged skin.
  • Marks and scars.
  • Dull skin (lack of sleep, stress, pollution, etc.)

How to apply concentrated Vitamin C of Hi Model Face?

You have two ways:

  1. Directly on your cleansed skin (face, neck and décolleté). Remember to apply a good lotion so your skin absorbs the maximum amount of ingredient. We recommend Photoshow Effect Lotion.
    Apply generously in circular movements on the face and in upward movements on the neck and décolleté.
  2. Mix the Vitamin C concentrate with your usual cream. Over the palm of your hand take the quantity you want to apply and add some Vitamin C drops. Mix the fluid and apply over cleansed skin (we recommend once again the Photoshow Effect Lotion to prepare maximum product absorption).
    Like the former application, extend with circular movements over the face and upward movement on neck and décolleté.

Which cosmetics should I combine HI Model Face Vitamin C concentrate?

It is important to know the cosmetics that will boost the effects of Vitamin C. It is clear to us: Hyaluronic Acid and Proteoglycans.

A beauty routine for firm, bright skin without wrinkles step by step:

1.- Facial Mask Hi Model Face. It is worthwhile discovering, in detail, the benefits of the masks by clicking here.

2.- Lotion Photoshow Effect: prepares the skin to have the maximum absorption of the cosmetics that you will apply later. In addition, it provides your skin with the multiple benefits of Marine Algae.

3.- Proteoglycan Ampoules: have a double effect on your skin: flash and deep regeneration. Elasticity, softness, hydration and anti-ageing. In addition to Proteoglycans, our Ampoules contain Vitamin C and F and Solar Filters, totally essential ingredients. Discover the benefits of our Proteoglycans in our last post by clicking here.

4.- Hi Model Face Concentrate of Vitamin C.


5.- Hi Model Face, Hyaluronic Acid Cream or Serum of double molecular weight. Like you should already know, Hyaluronic Acid is the TOP ingredient of the antiaging cosmetics. But, not all of them are formulated with Hyaluronic Acid of double molecular weight. What does this mean? It works on deep and surface skin tissues and thanks to its filling effect reduces wrinkles from the first application, bringing back the luminosity and volume to the skin that is lost through the years.

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