Everything about anti-cellulites, fat burners and firming products

Everything about anti-cellulites, fat burners and firming products

Redumodel Skin Tonic is made up of 7 specific products to sculpt each body area.

First of all, you have to have in mind that the products are not seasonal, meaning its use has to be continuous throughout the year, or do you think in winter you do not have cellulite or localized fat?

If you have tried Redumodel before, you must have checked out its effectiveness. Have in mind it has been the market leader for over 22 years, reason enough to trust in its results and its efficient formula. Don’t you think?


What is the difference between life-long Redumodel products and new Redumodel Skin Tonic line?

Very easy:

  • More condensed formulas: with less quantity product you receive the same results. 100 ml
  • Format. Our day to day life tends to be hectic, always coming and going. Often you can’t find 3 minutes for yourself. Listening to our client’s needs, we have reached the conclusion that you should take your cosmetics with you wherever you go and use them whenever you need.
  • Product variety. Why apply a body tightener indicated for the legs if you want it for the arms? Each Redumodel Skin Lotion is formulated for the body area that bothers you the most. A solution to each problem.

Can I combine Redumodel Skin products at the same time?

Of course, you can! In fact, the use of two complementary products allows us to benefit from the two different cosmetic functions, enhancing themselves mutually. As an example:

Are fat burners, anticellulites or firming products Avance Cosmetic (Redumodel) compatible with breastfeeding?

Yes. All of Redumodel Skin Tonic are compatible with breastfeeding. Nevertheless, you should clean the breast area before feeding your baby and be careful not to apply the product on your breasts (Lifting Breasts and Buttocks) in case you have cracking or damaged skin.

Once I stop using the product, will the skin and/or fat return to the initial state?

You have to know that all cosmetic products require a lot of perseverance so that their effects can be observed. Once the application phase is finished, the fat can return if you don’t have the necessary healthy habits. This is the reason why Redumodel Skin Tonic is necessary all year around.

Why does my skin redden and I feel itchy when I apply some Redumodel Skin Tonic products? Is this an allergy?

No, it’s not an allergy. Most of the times you apply more product than necessary. Remember that all your formulations are highly concentrated and that applying the size of an almond for a specific area (for example from knee to waist) should be enough.

The heat and possible redness are due to fat combustion, do not get scared!!

If you have any comments, contact us and we will help you solve them immediately.


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