Would you like to burn fat while you workout? Topical CLA is your answer.

Would you like to burn fat while you workout? Topical CLA is your answer.

Linoleic Conjugated Acid.


Have you Heard about CLA? Today we will explain what it is and how it helps to define your body.

It is an ingredient that helps the fat combustion in your organism. It can be found in vegetable oils, milk and livestock animal meat. Today you can also find it as a food supplement, but only our Redumodel Skin Tonic Toni Fitness contains topical CLA.


On top of enhancing body fat burning, CLA may also strengthen the muscular fibre. It is marvellous!

This ingredient has other benefits for people that use it:

  • It avoids the rebound effect after losing weight.
  • It contains anti-oxidant effects.
  • It helps the auto-immune system, regulating the sugar in the blood and reducing inflammations.
  • It helps with cholesterol.


Our concentrated SkinTonic cream Toni Fitness Reducer with CLA.

Provides you with the benefits of losing body fat and strengthening muscular fibre. In addition, it contains other ingredients like:

  • Hops: Enhances skin firming.
  • Collagen: Provides skin elasticity.
  • Camphor: Facilitates liquid elimination.

What is the correct use for the cream?

With this cream, it is enough to extend a thin layer over the region where you want to lose weight. The ideal would be to apply the cream before exercising as it is activated with the increase of body temperature.

It can also be used daily even if you do not exercise, you will have results just with body movement.

Where can I buy it?

Would you like to tone other parts of your body?

Try our other products from the Condensed Redumodel Skin Tonic line, specifically formulated for each body area. You are not going to regret it!

For more information about each one of our reducers, firming and body fat burners products, Click here.



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