Avance Cosmetic is an innovative and young company, but with vast experience in the self-development of cosmetic formulas. It processes different brands, always related to beauty and wellness and supported by Top Quality Natural Cosmetics.

Since 2016, Avance Cosmetic is owned by Cantabria Labs, an international pharmaceutical laboratory, providing talent and scientific endorsement, and promoting forcefully its innovative and growing nature.

The new slogan “Pharma Quality” represents the major strength of Avance Cosmetic. Each of the formulas are developed and researched by pharmaceutical and chemical engineers, resulting in formulas of Top Quality Cosmetics within everybody’s reach.

We count on close collaboration agreements with Purchasing Groups, Department Stores, Post Distribution Monitoring channels, Major Distributors/Large Retailers, Distribution/Local trade/ Convenience Stores and Herbal Chains which positions us as a Leading Partner in Spain.

Avance Cosmetic offers distributors a team of professional experts in product research and development and retail management. For this reason, we count on:

Deep knowledge in different channels, formats and market behavior.

Large distribution coverage in the Mass Market, Consumer Channel, and Chemists, comprised of a 17-strong-expert sales team.

Trade Management/Retail and Digital Marketing, in close collaboration with audiovisual, communication and written press.

E-commerce highly skilled team to support larger sales in on-line stores.

Our values and mission


Our commitment is to teamwork in and outside the company, working with others using efficiency and trust as key components


Our mission< is to be one of the 10 leading businesses in cosmetic products in the Spanish Cosmetics Market, establishing the largest number of possible sales outlets in the country.