ANTIAGE Treatment for Eye Contour and Lip Filler

ANTIAGE Treatment for Eye Contour and Lip Filler

Today we will speak about two complementary and indispensable products of our Hi Model Face line, that help to complete our anti-ageing treatment.

Eye Contour Hi Model Face:


The Eye Contour with Hyaluronic Acid, enriches with Q10, that will help us fight against Crow’s feet, drooping eyelids, and a tired look, since it regenerates and firms eye contour, fades wrinkles, strengthens the eyelid skin and elevates the eyebrow tail.

You will achieve a perfect look, thanks to Hyaluronic Acid of double molecular weight action. This means that the molecules of higher weight lay on the surface of our face, filling the small wrinkles instantly and the molecules of less weight penetrate until the deepest layers of our skin, generating the tissues from the inside and providing volume or density. And with the help of coenzyme Q10, we will bring energy and vitality back to our eyes, since it has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Our Hi Model Face Eye Contour is introduced in a 15 ml bottle, with airless applicator type serum, perfect to carry with us at all times with an easy and complete application.

If you use any other products of our Hi Model Face line, you will have to apply Eye Contour after the cream. Use circular movements over the cleansed face, apply the product to the entire eye area, starting from top of the eyebrow, passing through the eyelid, until the inferior part of the eyes, under eye circles and dark circles, without overlooking the crow’s feet zone.

Lip Filler Hi Model Face:

Now that we have a perfect look, let’s get a Hollywood smile, thanks to our Lip Filler with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.

The Hi Model Face Lip Filler is an emulsion for the treatment and lip care containing Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, that increases density and provides volume to the area. The Hyaluronic Acid function is to attract water molecules that are in our tissues but which have been lost with the passing of time. Therefore, this product is indispensable to treat this zone that has lost firmness and hydration. Hyaluronic Acid of double molecular weight acts both on the surface and inside the skin, fighting even the “bar code” area. We complement this product with Collagen, being one of the components of our tissues and that along with Elastin provides flexibility, toning and elasticity to the skin, properties that are lost with the passing of time and that are essential to the anti-ageing fight.

This marvellous product is presented in a 10 ml bottle and roll-on applicator for your every day use, even as a lipstick base, or lip gloss.

With daily and continuous use, it helps keep hydration and strengthen the lip tissue.

Slide the roll-on over the entire lip area and its contour, getting even to the wrinkles in the commissure and perilabial area.

Remember that all our products in the Hi Model Face line have an exclusive formulation with a high content of main pharmaceutical ingredients available to all.

Where can you find Hi Model Face products?

Perfumerías Clarel.
Perfumerías De La Uz.
Perfumerías Laguna.
Godoy Perfumerías.

Soon to be in Perfumería de Carrefour!!

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